Under the guidance of the People's Bank of China, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, IFCFI2021 will integrate Qiantang River Forum and Taizhou Small and Micro Finance Forum to discuss the role of financial inclusion as our country enters a new stage. With the theme of "Financial Inclusion Boosting Common Prosperity", the Forum will explore how to build high-quality inclusive financial ecosystem in the new development paradigm and eventually help promoting common prosperity.



Warm Up Video
Opening Ceremony

Chaired by

  • Duoguang BEI, Co-Chairman of the Council Board and President, Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion at RUC(CAFI)

Opening Remarks

  • Liangping XU, Member of the Standing Committee of the Taizhou Municipal CPC, First Deputy Mayor, Taizhou 

Keynote Speech
  • Guiping LIU, Deputy Governor of the People's Bank of China

  • Wei WANG, Executive Director and Executive Vice President, Bank of China

  • Xiaoqiu WU, Former vice president of Renmin University of China, Co-Chairman of the Council Board and President, CAFI

Taizhou Initiative on Financial Inclusion Boosting Common Prosperity
  • Representatives from Taizhou

Expert Dialogue: The Historical Mission of Financial Inclusion in the New Development Paradigm


  • Duoguang BEI, Co-Chairman and President, CAFI 


  • Guangshao TU, Member of the National Committee of CPPCC, Executive Director of Board of Directors, SAIF, Shanghai Jiaotong University

  • Dongrong LI, President, National Internet Finance Association of China (NIFA)

  • Yang LI, Board Chair of National Institution for Finance & Development

  • Lili JIN, Deputy Party Secretary of CPC and Director of Zhejiang Rural Credit Union

  • Shirley YU, Senior Vice President, Group General Manager, Visa Greater China

  • Xiaolong JIN, Party Secretary, Chairman and the Legal Representative of MYbank

Report Release: Building an Inclusive Financial Ecosystem-The Report of Financial Inclusion Development in China (2021)


  • Lianyun ZENG, Research Fellow, CAFI 

Panel I:I ntegration of Traditional and Digital Finance


  • Ziwei CAO, Vice President of Strategy, Airstar Digital Technology

Featured Speech:

  • Wenjian YU, Director General, Financial Consumer Protection Bureau, PBC

  • Charles LI, Founder & Chairman, Micro Connect 


  • Xiaochun LIU, Vice President of Shanghai Finance Institute(SFI), Deputy Director, China Academy of Financial Research (CAFR) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Junmin HUANG, Vice Chairman and President, Bank of Taizhou

  • Xijun ZHAO, Co-President of CAFI

  • Shijin CAO, President of Jiangsu Yincheng

  • Wei YE, CEO, 58 Data Science

Panel II: Rural Finance and Rural Revitalization


  • Qiang QU, Professor, the School of Finance, RUC

Featured Speech:

  • Feng LIU, Deputy Secretary and Secretary-General of the Party Committee of the China Banking Association 


  • Maolin WANG, Division Chief, Reform Experiment Division, Department of Policy and Reform, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of The People's Republic of China

  • Tongquan SUN, Researcher of Rural Development Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the Rural Finance Research Office

  • Guangqiang ZHUANG, Chairman, Changshu Rural Commercial Bank

  • Chao HUANG, Vice General Manager of Agricultural Finance Business Department, MYbank

  • Ke MA, General Manager of Business Operations, Financial Cloud Division of JDT

  • Zhan GAO, Co-founder, Grameen China, Secretary-general, Foundation for Yunus Social Business China

Panel III: Inclusive Financial Ecosystem Enabling Entrepreneurship and Innovation


  • Ning TANG, Founder and CEO of CreditEase

Featured Speech:

  • Muhammad YUNUS  2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Founder of Grameen Bank

  • Wenkui LIU, Executive Vice President, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

  • Gordon Watson, CEO AXA Asia & Africa


  • Junbao SHAN, President of CICC Capital Co., Ltd.

  • Jun WANG, Chairman, Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank

  • Tieqiang ZHANG, The chairman of the board of supervisors, Guangzhou Finance Holdings Group Co., LTD

  • Xuemei BAI, Deputy General Manager of CD Finance

  • Rex Wei, Partner of BCG

Panel IV: Developing Green Finance to Promote Carbon Neutrality


  • Yi DING, Senior Advisor, CAFI, Former Chairman, Huaneng Capital Services

Featured Speech:

  • Yanli ZHOU, Member, the National Committee of CPPCC, Former Deputy Party Secretary and former Vice Chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission(CIRC)

  • Xiaohui ZHANG, Dean, Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance


  • Chunyan CAO, Member of Party Committee, Proposed Vice Chairman, China Micro-credit Companies Association

  • Jiangtao YAO, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager, AVIC Industry-Finance Holdings Co.Ltd.

  • Xiaobo YANG, Deputy Party Secretary & President of Zhejiang Mintai Commercial Bank

  • Zhifeng WANG, Deputy Dean of Tencent Financial Research Institute

  • Binnan LI, Managing Director of the Investment Banking Department, China International Capital Corporation Limited.

  • Yolanda ZHU, Operational Lead-Climate Finance Advisory, Financial Institution Group Asia Pacific, International Finance Corporation (IFC)




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